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Upgrading to a Smart Home

Upgrading to a Smart Home

Are you on the fence about upgrading your house to a smart home? Not sure if all this new technology is worth the investment? Well here are a few technological home innovations that can help increase security, increase your quality of life at home and even save you some money.

 Amazon Alexa/Google Home:

both devices will give you full control over the features of your smart home. They also provide news and weather updates, play music, control your TV and answer phone calls all through voice control.

 Smart Thermostat:

Brands such as Honeywell, Nest and Google all have smart thermostats that allow you to control the temperature of your home directly through your phone. That means no more having to walk into a hot house on a warm summer day. You can set your thermostat to the temperature you desire an hour before you come home so you can walk into a nice cool room. This will also help you save some money on your monthly electric bill. No need to have your a/c running all day to keep the house cool. These thermostats learn about your house, how long does it take to heat up or cool down and it can sense when you are away. After getting a sense of your schedule and so desired temperatures, it will turn itself down when you leave the house.

 Smart LED lights:

These bulbs with Wi-Fi technology can bring many features to the table. The most basic is their ability to dim, allowing you to adjust the lighting of each room in your home through your phone. Many new bulbs now can change color, and some come with Bluetooth speakers to let you play music right through them.

 Video Doorbell/ Smart Lock:

both features added to your front door can help upgrade the security of your home. The video doorbell detects when there is motion in front of the door and records a clip of who is there in case unwanted visitors try to sneak in. The Smart lock has an Auto Lock/Unlock feature that detects when you are leaving and arriving your home. It allows you to create virtual keys for guest and logs who exits and enters your home, and this is all done on your phone.


Don’t have the time or just have too much floor space to clean all at once? Robot vacuums now can clean and mop your floors, provides interactive cleaning maps allowing you to control which rooms it cleans and when.


High Tech Wi-Fi capable Grilling would be a great way to spice up your summer BBQ. This gadget allows you to control cooking temps, set timers and provides a large database of cooking recipes. This allows you to grill the perfect meal while also enjoying your company.

You can control all these products with the touch of a button on your smartphone, making your life much simpler. Not only will upgrading make your life much more convenient, but when it comes time to sell, your house will be much more attractive to potential buyers. Are you ready embrace the benefits of this new technology and start  upgrading to a smart home?


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