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Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring Home Improvement Projects

Looking for some spring home improvement projects for your home? When spring arrives, it’s a good time to assess the exterior condition of your home.  Regular maintenance and improvements protect the value and life of your home.

Below are some suggestions:

  • Replace/ Repair Gutters: During the winter ice buildup can take a toll on your gutters. Without properly functioning gutters, water falling against the foundation can leak into your house or splash dirt onto the siding. A properly maintained gutter system prevents these issues.
  • Siding Maintenance: The exterior of your home also suffers through the harsh weather in the northeast. Siding and trim are crucial components of your homes’ exterior.  Maintenance includes power washing with a mildew killer to clean the siding, if you have wood siding or trim this will prolong the life of the paint. If you have fiber cement siding (such as James Hardi) check to make sure it’s not being damaged if it is near the ground or against a roof. While it doesn’t rot, when water splashes on it, fiber cement siding swells and begins to disintegrate.
  • Check the Condition of your Roof: After the winter has passed, visually inspect your roof from the ground and look for any visible damage (i.e. missing shingles). A small problem with your roof can quickly turn into a large one, running the risk of costly water damage due to neglect. Call a contractor/ roofing company for a professional inspection if you have concerns.
  • Inspect your Windows: Spring window cleaning allows you to inspect the condition of your windows and observe if they need replacement. Is the glass cloudy or is there water between the panes? Do you have single pane windows that don’t function well? Either they don’t open easily or they slam shut? If so, then it may be time to consider new windows. Since windows are a large investment, start by doing some research. Then speak with a reputable company about window options. Vinyl windows are an economical option and at the higher end Marvin Next Generation windows are a great choice.
  • Add a Deck: A deck will allow you to entertain outdoors, giving you access to your yard while enjoying the warmer weather. Many decking materials available today require very little maintenance and are very durable.
  • Install a Seasonal Room: Enclosing an existing porch will give you 3 season use. Adding energy efficient windows with a heat source will allow you to use the room during all seasons. This gives you the ability to entertain in a room surrounded by the outdoors! This is a perfect complement to provide peace, rest, and relaxation to your home.

These are just a few ideas for the spring. Your home is a valuable asset, and careful planning in the upkeep of your home will keep it that way! Best of look with taking on any of these spring home improvement projects and let us know how they turn out!

If you are considering a project, New Dimension Construction would be pleased to help. Call (845) 605-1313 or email info@NDCcontracting.com. We think you will find our approach refreshing.


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