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Accurate Bidding & Knowing Your Costs

Maybe this sounds familiar… a contractor finalizes his bid for your home improvement or building project. It looks like a great price to you, so you accept his bid and sign on. The contractor starts the job, but as it progresses you realize timelines aren’t being met. To top it off you are presented with one cost overrun after another.

What happened? Chances are, this builder doesn’t really understand the true cost of operating his business. This prevents him from failing to foresee the true job scope…which is the reason for the low, but inaccurate, bid you received.  Could this situation have gone differently? Yes.

How to get an Accurate Bid

This requires a knowledgeable contractor who does understand his true operating costs. That is the key to a smooth and successful remodel or new construction project. The process will start with him creating an accurate bid and production schedule. This will allow you, as the homeowner, to properly budget your money and arrange your personal schedule to accommodate the work being done. The benefits to you? Less stress, fewer unexpected costs, and a project that is completed on time.

Our Goal

Clearly, with so much at stake, this is an area that remodeling business owners must invest time in. Although there are many options out there, I recently found an organization called Remodelers Advantage. They provide comprehensive support for remodeling business owners, with the goal of improving company performance. They also arrange meetings during which companies share experiences and help one another. I look forward to implementing a few of their systems. My goal is to keep improving the experience my customers have and even though each client will be a little different, consistent results are priority.


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