The Project

Rather than being inviting the previous layout of this kitchen felt very cramped and cluttered. So, we added floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Furthermore, we were able to add a run of upper cabinets.  This allowed us to change the layout from a U shape to an L shape without losing any storage. As a result, more than one person can be in the space at one time.

With the kitchen remodel, the space instantly felt updated. We kept the look of the space without having to compromise on traditional choices. How did we do it? We kept a black-and-white theme. This included some of the following:

  • Installing black cabinets
  • Adding silestone countertops
  • Installing white subway tiles
  • Installing new floor tiles

The first thing to address was the lack of counter space. The two culprits were the top-loading washing machine and dryer. To remedy this issue we replaced them with one front-loading combo washer/dryer unit. allowing us to slide in underneath the new counters. We also added, an over-the-range microwave. As a result we freed up additional counter space. Finally, installing a corner sink maximized the amount of usable counter space between the sink and hood range.



About Us

This journey started in 1969. It has changed in the past 50 years. As Kyle Diamond, Dale’s son, has continued to grow this company, he has done something we believe to be truly unique. How do you keep the service and skill of an artisan carpenter who builds your home by hand, in a much bigger company and very different world? That has been Kyle’s mission for the last two decades.

Blake F.

“We knew our house would require a crew highly experienced in thinking outside the box in order to accomplish our goals, as nothing in the construction of our house is similar to today’s construction… We were very pleased with all their crews professionalism and honest, work ethic. We’ve now started a big project with them and feel confident they will create our vision for our house. It’s a pleasure working with them.”

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