Scope of Work

This project required a lot of interior work as well as some outdoor work. The deck outside was dealing with a rot issue that caused structural damage. This required a complete rebuild of this deck, there were also new sliding glass doors installed leading out to the back deck.

The deck rebuild wants the only work done to the exterior. There was new insulation added, the roof was raised a bit and copper flashing was added around the chimney.

The kitchen was given a complete upgrade with a new island and cabinets. The skylight in the kitchen was also made larger to add just a bit more natural light to the room and have it feel more spacious. Along with the natural light, new light fixtures were also installed in the kitchen to ensure an ample amount of light for any tasks you may need to complete there. The entranceway to the kitchen was also opened up more allowing for a nice flow from the kitchen to the living/dining open concept room. The bedrooms also got a makeover as new flooring was installed.



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