The Project

We’ve done quite a bit of work on this 1847 Greek Revival home, located in New York’s historic Hudson Valley. Recently, the client asked us to restore the unique fence surrounding a 30-by-30-foot English-style formal garden.

We rebuilt the rails using Boral TruExterior trim, a flash-based product that we’ve used a great deal of for house trim. We also:

  • Sleeved the red cedar
  • Dug 40-inch deep post holes
  • Made triple wall drainage pipes
  • Primed, painted, and installed the posts

Like much synthetic trim, Boral has one smooth and one textured face. Since both faces would show in places, we planed the textured face smooth prior to installation. We also cut a slight double bevel on the 2×6 top rail and kerfed the bottom edges on both sides for drainage, using a table saw. We sanded any milled surfaces smooth prior to installation and fastened the pieces together with coated Bronze Star trim-head screws.


Updating a Formal Fence

“Though not historic, the 12-year-old red-cedar fence was already starting to deteriorate. We originally wanted to use locust posts, but couldn’t find any that would take a smooth paint finish. Instead, we used clear red-cedar 4x4s, and tried to give them a little more durability…” Read Full Article >

Millbrook Homeowner

“… It’s no coincidence the family name of this construction firm is Diamond. They are treasures. Kyle takes the time to sit down with the client to interpret plans and offer cost saving alternatives. Their work is done with meticulous attention to detail, on budget, on time and with a smile. New Dimension is particularly strong on reconstruction and historic detail. Their electric, HVAC and plumbing contractors are excellent as well.”


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