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The clients had known when they purchased the house a couple of years earlier that the roof was in need of repair and that the built-in gutter on the main house was sagging and starting to pull away from the wall.


With winter fast approaching, we decided to fix only the problematic gutter and adjoining roof on the front side of the main house and to postpone repairing the remaining roofs and gutters until the following spring. The existing roof had three layers of asphalt shingles over a bottom layer of cedar shakes, so a complete tear-off was in order.

When installing any roof, attention to detail is necessary since there are various types of roofs. To ensure the best result we use the right trade partner.

The clients mentioned that the second-floor bedrooms in the front of the house were drafty and difficult to heat, and I suspected that the splayed ceilings in these rooms had little or no insulation. So I proposed sealing the rafter bays with spray foam from the outside while the roof was open. The clients agreed, and we removed the bottom five sheathing boards and sprayed closed-cell foam using Touch ’n Seal’s CPDS Series 2 portable two-part sprayer. We were able to spray, cure, and trim the foam to the top of the rafters in one day.


Replacing a Wooden Gutter

“For the new gutter, though, we wanted the middle to be the high point, with a downward slope toward the ends. That meant the new one would have to be taller than the original.” Read Full Article >

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