Dover Plains Renovation

The Project

We completed restoration work on a 160-year-old Greek Revival in Dover Plains,   in the eastern Hudson River Valley. A distinguishing feature of this home is its entry colonnade, which stands on a 6-foot-by-30-foot porch that is about 2 feet above finish grade.

Replacing the colonnade required extensive detail work. The following is just a glimpse of what we did:

  • Rebuilt the porch
  • Replaced rotted areas beneath the columns
  • Eliminated plywood plinths which were an earlier attempt of the renovation

Working with the owners on the design to refurbish the entry, we decided to restore the colonnade to its proper “Doric order,” with the shafts of the columns bearing directly on the new porch deck.

When it came to painting the columns, the clients had requested that we try to match the rough texture of the upper columns and pediment. After 160 years of paint being applied over old paint that wasn’t properly scraped, the existing wood had a rough, scaled finish surface. To duplicate the texture, we applied DAP acrylic caulk with a putty knife, giving the new wood the appearance of aged, scaling paint. For the top coat, we used an acrylic paint by California Paints.


Greek Revival Column Repair

Early on in the project, I examined the columns to see how they were built so we could match the fluted profile later on. Read Full Article >


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Blake F.

“We knew our house would require a crew highly experienced in thinking outside the box in order to accomplish our goals, as nothing in the construction of our house is similar to today’s construction… We were very pleased with all their crews professionalism and honest, work ethic. We’ve now started a big project with them and feel confident they will create our vision for our house. It’s a pleasure working with them.”


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