The Project

Even though this room already existed as a porch, the owners wanted to enjoy it during the winter. Originally the room was screened off and a good size. We enlarged it and used an extensive amount of windows. This way the owners could still enjoy the scenery around them even in the winter months.

The goal for the radiant heating under the floor was not to heat the room during the winter; rather, it was installed to temper the room. The main heating source is supplied by a heat pump. The clients chose this form of heating because it is “a more immediate, and therefore more comfortable, heat”. We further:

  • Installed radiant mats
  • Wired the mats to the thermostat
  • Installed the stone tiles

Although we had been using Mapei’s products for about a decade, it wasn’t until a few years ago that we found out about its MTI (Mapei Technical Institute) training seminars. Classes include hands-on workshops for surface preparation, repair, and installation, as well as instruction in the industry’s newest techniques. My lead carpenter and I drove to the company’s facility for a day and a half of training.


Warm Stone

“I’ll focus on the installation of the sunroom’s radiant stone-tile floor system, which was comprised mainly of products from Mapei. The floor was installed over electric radiant heating…” Read Full Article >

A Room For All Seasons

“Currently, the owners use the cottage as a weekend get-away from the city, and to accommodate their growing family, they decided to make much-needed improvements to the home’s size and comfort.” Read Full Article >


Dutchess County Homeowner

“they provide their clients with superior construction. Their level of expertise in renovations, restorations, and complete remodels is unmatched by any in the industry. Their entire team works to meet the needs of their clients, and provide them with something both unique and elegant. It has been a pleasure to work with them…”


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