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Who We Are?

We are the best contractor in this category that uses the highest quality materials. We aren’t the first to have said that, and even though we think it’s true we would like to tell you why.

Who are we really? Dale Diamond started this company. He built it with the sweat of a skilled artisan, and even in his golden years, still works five days a week to help us keep every bit of our quality craftsmanship as we grow.

This journey started in 1969. It has changed in the past 50 years. As Kyle Diamond, Dale’s son, has continued to grow this company, he has done something we believe to be truly unique. How do you keep the service and skill of an artisan carpenter who builds your home by hand, in a much bigger company and very different world? That has been Kyle’s mission for the last two decades.

Our Mission

We will continually strive to be an industry leader through continuing education and self-improvement.  We will always search for improved products and methods to offer our clients. We believe in the highest quality at all levels; quality employees, quality materials, quality tools, and quality service.

We will provide our employees with an opportunity for growth and professional advancement in a positive, caring work environment. We are a training organization who believes that knowledge and experience must be shared with all levels of employees.

We will always strive to delight the customer, exceeding their expectations, by conducting ourselves in a professional manner. We endeavor to leave every job knowing we have earned a 5 Star referral from each customer.

Deck Railing


Every project is different. These have been a few of our favorite highlights. Read  published articles about our projects.



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Why We Are Different:

We think you will find our process refreshing. We believe customers should know for a fact they are comparing apples to apples when they get their project quoted. That is why we have created the WSA or Work Scope Agreement. This allows us to create a detailed scope of work that ensures:

1. Contractors can’t cut corners

2. When you get your price it has accounted for everything you want

This process allows us to put in the time and skill required to ensure in advance we are getting a detailed takeoff and estimating all materials accurately.

We will also create selection budgets for you based on your finish and material choices. Even if you don’t go with us, you will have a comprehensive scope any experienced contractor can build by.

We have typically found that many contractors are comfortable bidding a job without doing full take offs and without getting a full understanding of what materials a homeowner wants or expects.

This creates two problems:

1. It is difficult to quote an accurate price

2. It doesn’t guarantee you get what you think you are getting

We are not usually the lowest bidder, and often are the highest. Why? We have found that using high quality materials and hiring experienced craftsman who we pay well to join our team is the best way to ensure top quality work.

1. Either give us a call or send us an email with your contact information.

2. We will get back to you within one business day. Then we will have a 10-15min conversation about your project, and schedule an appointment.

3. We will meet you at the site to further understand your project, take measurement’s, and sign a WSA. Now we can begin to create a detailed scope of work for your review.

JLC Articles

Premature Trim Failure

The house was only 28 years old, but poor trim detailing had caused the exterior cladding and windows to prematurely fail on many parts of the home. Making matters worse, the existing clapboard siding was not back-primed or installed on furring strips, which led to numerous issues with peeling paint over the years.

Fiberglass Wood-Replacement Gutters

The gutter ends were rotted, and their end caps missing. And most of the mitered seam-work leaked, leading to paint failure and rot. My clients asked if we could repair them, and although I didn’t hold out much hope for their restoration, I promised to look into the matter.


Don’t take our word for it take theirs. We have a 5 star review on HOUZZ check out what others had to say. Also visit our Testimonials Page where you can read further references.

  • "New Dimension Construction adds a whole new dimension to the definition of professionalism. They all work with integrity and courtesy to the project and to the client... They all exhibit the same sort of care and expertise that comes from the top of the organization, people who have been in this business for many years... We feel lucky to have found a relationship with this firm."

    Smithfield Valley Property Manager
  • “New Dimension provides their clients with superior construction. Their level of expertise in renovations, restorations, and complete remodels is unmatched by any in the industry. Their entire team works to meet the needs of their clients, and provide them with something both unique and elegant. It has been a pleasure to work with them…”

    The Brothers That Just Do Gutters
  • "We have been doing business with New Dimension for about twenty years. Dale... and his employees have always been prompt, courteous, and professional. The quality of their work is excellent and their knowledge is unsurpassed. We have recommended Dale numerous times and we will continue to do so"

    Bob & Valerie K.

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