In general, we replaced existing trim located closer to the ground, which was more prone to rotting; the home’s upper trim (the fascia, frieze, rake, and soffit) was in good shape. Working one facade at a time, we removed the existing siding and trim and replaced any rotted sheathing we came across.

The Project

Even though this home was only 28 years old, poor trimming had caused the exterior to deteriorate at a rapid rate. The homeowners called us in to begin restoration on the exterior of this neocolonial home. The work took approximately 950 man-hours, and in the end, the homeowners were pleased with the result.

Scope of Work

Because of the terrible trimming detail, the exterior of this home was either rotten or had led to numerous other issues that needed attention. Here are a few things we either restored or rebuilt:

  • The roof was replaced with pressure treated cedar shingles
  • All the windows were replaced
  • We restored a section of the chimney
  • Both the front entry porch and the patio were rebuilt
  • We also resided the entire house

With so many types of roofing, attention to detail when installing a roof is crucial. To ensure the best result, we use the right trade partner.

Before and After

Blake F.

“We knew our house would require a crew highly experienced in thinking outside the box in order to accomplish our goals, as nothing in the construction of our house is similar to today’s construction… We were very pleased with all their crews professionalism and honest, work ethic. We’ve now started a big project with them and feel confident they will create our vision for our house. It’s a pleasure working with them.”


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