From the exterior, nothing appeared to be wrong with the cupola or the surrounding roof. Especially since the house was fairly new, only about 10 years old…But the inside of the home was a different story.


What needed to be done to get this fixed? Here are a few things we did:

  • Removed the rotted/damaged material
  • Sheathed the base and started on the sill
  • Waterproofed the base
  • Rebuilt the sills out of Boral
  • Installed the aluminum pan flashing

When installing any roof, attention to detail is necessary since there are various types of roofs. To ensure the best result we use the right trade partner.

We rebuilt the cupola’s base in place, salvaging as much of the upper portion as possible. We set up temporary roof protection made from plywood and 2-by stock. After removing the existing peel-and-stick, we found that roughly half of the cupola base’s sheathing and framing was rotted beyond repair.


Fixing a Poorly Flashed Cupola

The original builder had blamed the window manufacturer for the leak, and the manufacturer had blamed the builder. After a lot of finger pointing, the builder agreed to “remedy” the problem… The feuding parties moved on— without having solved the problem. Read Full Article >

Millbrook Homeowner

“… It’s no coincidence the family name of this construction firm is Diamond. They are treasures. Kyle takes the time to sit down with the client to interpret plans and offer cost saving alternatives. Their work is done with meticulous attention to detail, on budget, on time and with a smile. New Dimension is particularly strong on reconstruction and historic detail. Their electric, HVAC and plumbing contractors are excellent as well.”


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