This project is one of the few modular homes that we worked on. This home is unique for two reasons. First, it was shipped and put together on site. Second, the roof is made up of concrete tile.

The square footage of this home is about 15,000 square feet, not to mention the attic or the basement.


This project took us approximately 13 months. Here are a few things we did:

  • Built the foyer
  • Framed the entire roof
  • Built and added the dormers
  • Built exterior porches
  • Finished with all the trim detail and siding

When installing any roof, attention to detail is necessary since there are various types of roofs. To ensure the best result we use the right trade partner.

Interestingly enough the homeowners just wanted to keep the appearance of a chimney from the outside of the home. Therefore we built the chimney without building the interior fireplace. Additionally we added a cupola to this home which stands 13 feet tall. Both of these details add more character to the home.


Why We Bid Differently

We have typically found that many contractors are comfortable bidding a job without doing full take offs and without getting a full understanding of what materials a homeowner wants or expects.

This creates two problems:

1. It is difficult to quote an accurate price

2. It doesn’t guarantee you get what you think you are getting

This is why we use a Work Scope Agreement, or a WSA. More About The WSA and what it is.

Millbrook Homeowner

“… It’s no coincidence the family name of this construction firm is Diamond. They are treasures. Kyle takes the time to sit down with the client to interpret plans and offer cost saving alternatives. Their work is done with meticulous attention to detail, on budget, on time and with a smile. New Dimension is particularly strong on reconstruction and historic detail. Their electric, HVAC and plumbing contractors are excellent as well.”


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